Hebe girl

There are no Rules except global rules; which are: 1. Do not post TEEN pornography or questionable 3DCG/3DPG/human dolls sexual depictions of TEENren or TEEN abuse 2. Do not post wipe, spam, bypassing spam sheet, damage to the site and calls for it. Hebe Tien (Chinese: 田馥甄; pinyin: Tián Fùzhēn; born 30 March 1983) is a Taiwanese singer and actress. Born and raised in Hsinchu , Taiwan , she rose to fame in the early 2000s as a member of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E . A beautiful, youthful girl. A Hebe will often surprise you with her intelligence and humor, as at first may seem plain or shy. Get on her good side, and she might surprise you in the bedroom too - Hebe's are notoriously kinky and always up for a good time.